Red Cloud

The Hangover

Having gained experience in the punk rock bands Break of Day and Generation 84 and after a very inspiring trip to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, I started to write some personal songs in my bedroom. After finding the courage to pursue them further, I decided to make it a real project by the name of ‘Red Cloud’ and a first EP soon ensued. ‘Time is of the Essence’ was released in 2011 and it got some good reviews. In 2014 I released my debut full length album ‘No one has promised us Tomorrow’, containing 10 songs about loving life, travelling and all the beauty nature has to offer, but also about suddenly losing good friends and the pain that caused. In many ways this album was a coming of age for myself as a person, but also as a musician. While making plans for a new album, I decided to team up with Hans Roofthooft (of F.O.D. fame) to do a split EP, which we released in January 2016. Feel free to have a listen and share my highs and my lows, my joy and my pain, and keep in mind: no one has promised us tomorrow, so carpe diem!